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The broad spectrum of radiochemistry research at Washington State University offers many opportunities for an incoming graduate student. Within the radiochemistry program, students are able to explore the following areas of chemistry:







Frequent collaborations throughout the department, and near proximity to Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) and Idaho National Lab (INL), offer unparalleled access to experts in all areas of chemistry. This provides WSU students with invaluable training opportunities to work alongside preeminent national researchers. The presence of the Nuclear Radiation Center (NRC) and its knowledgeable staff are also valuable resources for researchers at WSU.

Collectively, this constitutes the nation’s strongest university-based radiochemistry research program.

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Radiochemistry Faculty

Benny, Paul
Paul Benny

Aurora Clark
Aurora Clark

Sue B Clark
Sue Clark

Ken Nash
Kenneth Nash


Nathalie A. Wall

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Nuclear Radiation Center